Studio Photography

Studio Photography is photography set in a controlled lighting environment. Usually this would be indoors and with all ambient light removed so that the studio lights and reflectors provide all available light on the subject. Studio photography is perfect for products, model and family portfolios or portraits where a photographer wants to control highlights reflections, shadows, background colour and light colour. 

PDA has quality studio equipment and lighting. We have been involved in studio photography for 15 years and taken thousands of photos for the biggest brands. 

We have a studio space suitable for products as large as bicycles or people, but we can take our gear to your warehouse, factory or showroom – aswell as providing a larger space to work, this eliminates the transport headache or risk involved in moving multiple products or valuable samples. On occasion PDA has even travelled overseas and set-up a full studio on location cost-effectively and quickly. 

Studio Photography services include: 

Products or people on white, black or coloured background 

Background with curve to floor available up to 3m wide or purpose built larger sets 

Multiple light types and temperatures available, 3000k to 6500k 

Softboxes currently owned up to 180cm 

2m x 2m x 2m light tent suitable for large fully chrome or reflective products 

Chroma-key / green screen for video 

Rolling rectangle reflectors 2.4m high, extendable and rotatable 

Remote live-view from camera mounted on pole or boom for various difficult camera angles 

Highly detailed images suitable for prints as large as billboards

Lighting and reflectors for interiors/Real-Estate photos

Clipping services from $2 plus GST

studio photography