Sports and Events

Action Photography

What makes a great action photo?

A lot of physics can be involved in capturing amazing sports and event photos. The amount of available light, how much light the lens can capture through the size of the front element glass and the size of the maximum aperture of the lens – enough light allows a fast enough shutter and a lower ISO setting for best image quality.

It isn’t all camera and lens and expensive gear though – the photographer’s experience with the subject, camera knowledge and understanding of the physics plays a massive part in great shots, not to mention the creative eye and natural ability to compose.

Getting close to the action happens with both feet and lens. A good phtographer more-often than not can operate in silence not distracting the action or the audience, yet be in the right place at the right time with as much anticipation as the athletes or subjects themselves. The perfect timing of the snap often takes a huge knowledge of the particular sport or event by the photographer who no doubt studies the situation in great detail and continues to search endlessly for the perfect image.

With extensive experience in sports, concert and event photography at the highest level, PDA can guarantee results every time. If you need the shot captured and you only get a split second, ensure you have the right photographer working for you or almost always you will miss the moment or end-up with a dismal image. Flaship cameras and a large selection of professional lenses suitable for action help us to capture the image at top quality. We have a huge knowledge of what it takes to produce a stunning photo and why, this has led to us working Australian Open tennis, AFL at the MCG, Melbourne Ironman and many other bicycle related events, concerts by world top bands and musicians at the biggest concert halls, corporate events and conferences for big names like Coles and The Caravan Industry Association, Australian Fashion Week, Formula One Grand Prix and many others.

sports photo

Above: Rafael Nadal during the Australian Open tennis. Client: Australian Tennis Magazine. Photo taken during the night session

Above: Mitch Anderson, Giant sponsored triathlete. Panning capture with background and wheel motion blur.

Below: Cindy Blackman during The Melbourne International Jazz Festival