Web, Video and Multimedia

What is Web design and Multimedia?

Web design is the art of creating user interfaces to display information, graphics, stories and advertising and is usually delivered to the end consumer via the World Wide Web (WWW) or other computer-based presentation. These interfaces or presentations can be static pages containing simple text and images or interactive multimedia pages containing all sorts of animation, images, video, sound, annimation and advanced functions. 

Traditional printed media has always been restricted in distribution by the number of copies you can afford to print and send out, however web media potentially has a world wide distribution with perhaps no more cost for a million viewers than for one!

PDA has 15 years industry experience in design for web, animation, video editing and professional sound production. We understand all the technical aspects of screen resolution, web file formats, web colour, hosting domain names and forwarding email. 

We can offer domain name registration and domain name hosting and make it easy by organising everything for you and explaining in simple terms what it all means. We don’t hold your domain name for ransom or lock you into contracts and you maintain ownership of your domain name. We just make sure it works. 

Our strong customer focused background allows us to design and build websites that are both appealing for the target audience and suit their purpose well. While we pride ourselves on the visual aspects of how our websites look, we equally value ease of navigation so that your customers can find the information they are after quickly and effectively.

Web and Multimedia Services include:

Video production and editing

Content Management System (CMS) Websites 

Database driven websites 

Animated advertising banners 

Software interface (applications for electronic devices such as information kiosks and touch window glass) 

E-commerce Websites 

Sound recording and editing 

CD or Hard Drive run training aids and presentations 

Internet image galleries 

Screen Savers 

Domain Name registration and Web Hosting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)