Industrial Design and Display

What is industrial design?

Innovation, function, ergonomics, style, form, usability, invention and mass production are words commonly used when describing product design or industrial design. 

An industrial designer, cross between engineer and an artist is required to have a broad knowledge of manufacturing processes and to be able to design not only the products themselves but often entire systems and user-interfaces. A good industrial designer brings together function, form, usability and marketability. 

What are ‘Products’? Generally 3D objects such as furniture, whitegoods, electrical and electronics, automotive, sporting goods etc. – most things you see that are man-made with grey areas stemming into fashion, architecture, machines, circuitry and stage and movie sets. A classic industrial designer could be a car stylist, movie concept artist or 3D-animater (for movies such as Star Wars, Alien or Disney) or the person who designed the chair you are sitting on, plastic cup you drink from or your watch.

Richard Dodson is a fully qualified Industrial Designer complete with a 4 year Honours Degree. Holding positions as a Designer and then Senior Designer at a highly regarded Industrial Design company for over 6 years, Richard designed diverse products using a wide range of materials for many very well known brands, large department stores such as Target and K-Mart and storage systems for the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Museum.

Richard has worked in the Exhibition and Display field having designed Exhibitions sets, signage, structures and Displays for the likes of Fosters/Carlton&United Breweries, Formula One Grand Prix and Qantas.

Richard has extensive knowledge and experience in many manufacturing processes to assist with the development of winning products. He continues to strive for innovation in design and a well developed and refined solution.

Industrial Design Services Include:

Concepts and Development

Presentation Renderings

Technical Illustration


Patent and Design Registration Drawings

Model Making and Prototyping

Computer 3D Models and Animation